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About McCormick Canada

Celebrating over 125 Years of Canadian heritage

McCormick Canada is the largest spice, seasoning, dry sauce & seasoning mixes, specialty foods, and flavours business in the country. We have been a part of people’s lives for almost as long as Canada has been a nation. Our products can be found throughout the food industry, from retail outlets, to food manufacturers, and even in the food service businesses. So it should come as no surprise that as a part of McCormick and Company, the parent of McCormick Canada, we are a global leader in flavour.

Founded in 1883 as Gorman, Dyson & Co. in London, Ontario, McCormick Canada has a long and proud tradition of being at the tables of Canadian families. In the late 1800s, our modest business with only a few offerings — one of which being coffee — expanded into spices, extracts and baking powder. By the mid 1900s, the product selection had grown even more and McCormick & Co. of Baltimore, Maryland purchased the booming business. Today, we both cherish our heritage and continue to innovate for a bright future. Our product selection reflects our commitment to offering Canadians what we do best — pure flavour.

Open any pantry or cupboard in any kitchen in Canada, and you’ll likely find a variety of our products, whether it be the spices for Grandma's cookie recipe or the seasonings that add flair to your barbecue routine. What may not be so obvious is that across the country, our ingredients and flavours are used to create many of the famous foods Canadians enjoy. Many of our products are woven into the fabric of the Canadian way of life. From creating the spices and seasonings that make your restaurant meals memorable, to partnering with your favourite brands to create flavour magic, McCormick is the company our business partners rely on for flavour expertise, high-quality products and innovative flavour solutions that make a difference in the way people create and experience food.

We offer a unique blend of businesses, ideas, people, and products. Our company culture is distinctive and boasts a rich history of employee involvement. Long-service employment is common in all divisions as employees embrace the friendly family atmosphere. And “Quality is our signature” has become more than words for our company. Quality is a part of our identity and it is indeed how we’re recognized around the world.
We’re proud to have been a part of Canada’s past, and with our wide selection of consumer products, industrial flavourings and food service products, we look forward to being part of its flavourful future.

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About Club House for Chefs

Since 1883, Club House has been bringing passion to flavour.

Club House is the flagship brand for London Ontario-based McCormick Canada, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of McCormick & Company, Inc., a global leader in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of spices, seasonings and flavour solutions to the entire food industry.

In 2003, the company moved to larger quarters at 600 Clarke Road in London, Ontario.

Club House for Chefs brings you Chef insider connections, menu and flavor solutions and quality products from McCormick Canada's Food Service Division. Providing unrivaled solutions for the distinct needs of professional foodservice with its Club House®, Lawry’s®, Billy Bee®, Old Bay®, Keen's® SupHerb® Hy’s® Thai Kitchen® French’s® Frank’s Red Hot® and Cattlemen’s® products.

Operators and chefs know and trust Club House for Chefs to provide consistent individualized recipes, innovative menus, high-quality products and flavour solutions.

At Club House for Chefs, we bring passion to flavour. It is our mission to inspire chefs and operators with a diverse portfolio of ingredients that preserve the excitement in composing their very best dishes.

From Club House, to you, for your kitchen.

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About McCormick Science Institute

Advancing The Knowledge of Spices

The McCormick Science Institute is a research-driven organization whose mission is to support scientific research and disseminate information on the health benefits of culinary herbs and spices to all stakeholders including consumers and health professionals. The Institute is led by nutrition scientists and guided by a Scientific Advisory Council consisting of internationally-renown scientists and health professionals from leading research institutions.

Guided by a Scientific Advisory Panel, the McCormick Science Institute's findings are disseminated to the public through peer-reviewed journals and conferences

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About Sustainability


How we perform as a company is directly related to how we operate as global citizens.


We take responsibility for the long-term sustainability of our products and the world around them. We are adopting a systems approach—informed by science—to embed sustainability across our operations and supply chain.

2025 Environmental Goals McCormick


Our 2017 Purpose-led Performance Report outlines our 2025 goals for McCormick’s work to improve the health and well-being of all people, build vibrant communities where we live, work and source, and make a positive impact on the planet.




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About Global Sourcing



McCormick & Company, Incorporated (McCormick) is the world’s leading producer and marketer of spices, seasonings and condiments. We source approximately 3,000 agricultural products from hundreds of thousands of farmers located in over 40 countries around the world, and recognize that the global production, distribution and consumption of agricultural raw materials generates at times significant impacts on the natural environment and the well-being of human society. McCormick strongly believes that continuing access to high-quality agricultural products in sufficient quantities to meet global demand requires that these products be produced in accordance with the highest environmental, social and governance standards. Ensuring that the agricultural raw materials for our products are responsibly produced is a significant challenge owing to the complexity of our agricultural supply chain and the fact that the majority of our agricultural suppliers are small-holder farmers.

This Policy builds upon McCormick’s other social and environmental standards and guidelines, including our Vendor Code of Conduct, Business Ethics Policy, and Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for the UK Modern Slavery Act. It sets forth McCormick’s general principles and expectations for the production practices of agricultural suppliers, and should be viewed in light of the fact that the company does not own or operate farms and does not source a large proportion of its agricultural raw materials directly from farmers but rather through joint venture partners or other commercial entities. We also recognize that the transition to sustainable agricultural practices can take time, especially for small-holder farmers who have limited financial and human resources at their disposal.

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    About Food Safety

    Fundamental to McCormick’s commercial success is ensuring that the products we sell meet the most rigorous safety requirements and the highest quality standards. We have a strong record on food safety as a result of our commitment of resources, engagement with our supply chain partners and close cooperation with regulatory authourities. But we recognize that the complexity of the global food system, including differing regulatory regimes across and within countries and the absence of a global safety framework, creates a heightened level of risk to safety in/for certain countries and agricultural products.

    McCormick expects as a baseline that agricultural producers in its supply chain will comply with local and national food safety laws and regulations governing all phases of the production process (pre-harvest, planting, harvesting, processing, transporting). Where laws and/or regulations do not exist or are in conflict with generally accepted best practice, suppliers should adopt the highest standard applicable to their situation by reference to leading safety standards such as the Global Food Safety Initiative and Global G.A.P. McCormick expects that all agricultural suppliers will take steps to ensure that agricultural products can be traced back to their source of origin regardless of whether or not this is legally required. This includes where applicable inputs to the agricultural production process.