We take responsibility for our products — and the world around them

Commitment To Quality
Commitment To Quality

Quality first, quality throughout

At McCormick, we understand that working with flavour components means dealing with variable environmental situations— which demands a careful, deliberate and consistent approach. And, because we’ve been sourcing products from tropical and subtropical developing areas of the world since the late 1800s, we are uniquely qualified to recognize potential challenges and how to best ensure that McCormick products come with the seal of quality.

We see quality as a core competency at McCormick and our systems, processes and focus are among the most rigorous in the industry. What does that mean? We test our finished products—and just as importantly, we test the ingredients that go into them.

Quality is embedded in McCormick’s DNA. Our goal is to be proactive and to anticipate and mitigate any possible quality risk. We do this by starting as far upstream as possible, often at the source, with preventative measures including education. Secondly, our intervention measures include checking, testing, evaluating and assessing our products. Lastly is our response system. Spending time and effort in the prevention step makes good business sense.

A few highlights of our commitment to the highest standards of quality include:

  • We have the largest quality investment in the spice and seasoning industry, and we are in an elite group of companies around the world to achieve a Safe Quality Food Level 3 Certified Supplier rating.
  • We developed a clean, safe, efficient and natural steam pasteurization process for herbs and spices, designed to preserve the ingredients’ quality and characteristics.
  • We conduct several million ingredient and product analyses each year.

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Not only do we meet quality metrics in each area that we operate, but McCormick continues to raise the bar in quality standards.

For instance, we developed and use a proprietary microscopic detection method to ensure the purity of our products. We incorporate the latest analytical measuring equipment in our laboratories to insure chemical compliance and wholesome products.

At the field level we have deployed a backward integration program for growing Indian chilies in order to balance quality requirements and farmers’ concerns, developing meticulous agricultural practices to consistently meet end product specifications.

Our vendor traceability process and Laboratory Information System ensure full traceability and detailed analytic quality control from vendor lot to finished product.

A responsibility shared by all

At McCormick, quality isn’t the job of just one department or set of individuals: but rather quality is ingrained in the work culture of all of our employees. Here, quality is not just about testing at the end of the process—our proactive continuous improvement approach means that quality is built into each product right from the start and across the entire supply chain.

Our executive-level Enterprise Risk Management committee has the following four focus areas, further underscoring quality’s importance to McCormick: brand protection, purity, quality and safety of our products. The team works to understand and mitigate any emerging risks that could potentially impact our product integrity.