McCormick has passion for flavour.

With our global reach and participation in the Consumer, Food Service and Food Manufacturer segments, we are uniquely positioned to have an all-inclusive, 360⁰ perspective on consumer preferred flavours, both today, and in the future.

The Research and Development teams at our globally connected Technical Innovation Centres along with our Sales and Insight teams work to create, perfect and deliver a continuously growing buffet of distinctly compelling, iconic flavours that outperform the market in food products and restaurant menus.

Through sensory analysis, trend tracking, behavioural intelligence and an inherent passion for flavour, we come up with custom marketing solutions and flavour insights that lead to memorable eating experiences and distinctive product preferences.

Our key ingredient for success: deep consumer and category knowledge of the complete global food market.

Our Passion For Co-Creation

We use a proprietary process called Create IT!®, which expands our product development out into the consumer's world and puts the eating experience at centre stage. We bring to Create IT!® a thorough understanding of every aspect of the consumer's thought process, your brand and the product category. That's how we arrive at better, more relevant flavour and product ideas and faster speed to market.

Flavour Personality That Makes Fans and Boosts Sales

In Canada, we co-create Custom Flavour Solutions for top food companies and top food service companies—people who share our passion for flavour. Our solutions compel people to connect with flavours and brands, creating signature eating experiences.