Research & Development

Research & Development

Our Research & Development team is driven by a passion for flavour. That passion helps food manufacturers and food service companies develop products, assists chefs in creating dishes and helps consumers expand their palates.

No matter what we call them—flavorists, sensory scientists, research chefs, natural products chemists, engineers or food scientists—they personify what it means to put the eating experience at the centre of everything they do. And they’re the best in the industry at it.

Research Centred Around the Consumer

The goal is to deliver flavours and food products consumers will want to cook with, eat and share for years to come. Our Research & Development team collaborates between our 16 globally connected Technical Innovation Centers. They’re very well schooled on connecting to what consumers and their taste buds want—that includes behaviour and preference dynamics and any other discipline that results in creating flavour solutions that translate deliciously around the world.

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