McCormick Garlic Flavours

November 24th 2016

McCormick Garlic Flavours Delivering the Ultimate Garlic Flavour Experience

The team of flavour experts at McCormick has the solution for your unique garlic flavour needs.

McCormick Flavour Solutions has developed a full line of Garlic Flavours based on culinary processes. Using state-of-the-art analytical tools, high impact flavour and aroma molecules unique to the cooked garlic are identified. These compounds are combined to develop flavours that deliver authentic garlic profiles.

Key Advantages
• Consistent Flavour Profile
• Superior Microbial Quality vs. Dehydrated
• Natural Labeling Available
• Excellent Flavour Delivery
• Economical Cost-in-use

Application Information 
• Stable in most processing conditions, our distinctive Garlic Flavours are available in liquid, oil or water soluble and dry forms.
• Optimum use levels vary depending on the application. 
• Whether it is for topical snacks, topical baked bread seasonings, meat marinades, in- dough crackers or other application, we’ll work with you to optimize the garlic flavour to deliver the desired profile in your finished product.
• Partner with us, and our team of experts will work with you to develop a flavour that’s perfect for your product! 

Interested to try a McCormick Garlic Flavour in a product application? Please contact us at 1-888-595-1520, or fill out the sample request form below.