Naturex Clean Label Fruit and Vegetable Powders

February 07th 2017

Naturex Clean Label Fruit and Vegetable Powders

Naturex manufactures a broad selection of clean-label fruit and vegetables powders that can be applied to a variety of different food and beverages. By adding a NAT F&V™ product to your application, you’re not just adding fruit or vegetables, you are upgrading the colour, texture and taste of your application in addition to significantly enriching it’s nutrient content.

With strong expertise in drying fruits and vegetables, Naturex is able to produce a wide variety of products that retain all of the flavour, colour and nutritional qualities of the original raw material. There are four gentle unique drying technologies that help transform pulp and juices to create premium powders, granules and flakes. Naturex specializes in cold spray drying, low temperature spray drying, Vacuum drying and Drum drying. Each can reach a different particle size to ensure instant solubility, intense colour and taste, enhanced texture and nutritional boosts.

Not only are there many “no carrier and no additives” fruit and vegetable products to choose from, there is also a wide variety of organic materials. From carrots to pineapples, from apples to beets, from tomatoes to bananas, between orchards, vegetables, berries and tropical fruits, you’ll find more than 30 different varieties of produce carried with organic certification.

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