New Fire-Roasted Vegetables from Naturex

December 05th 2017

New Fire-Roasted Vegetables from Naturex

Naturex now has the ability to roast fresh vegetables with three methods of roasting:

Light Roast -to bring out the sweet cooked notes in veggies

Medium Roast - Concentrated cooked notes to give sweet seared browned notes

Dark Roast -slow high heat roast for intense Char and Caramelized notes

Naturex Fire Roasted Vegetables are featured in two trendy application concepts:

Green and Red Harissa Blends

Harissa is a Moroccan Chili paste condiment.

The Red Harissa is made with Naturex’s new Fire Roasted Red Bell Puree, Fire Roasted Guajillo Puree, Cayenne Pepper, and Roasted Garlic.

The Green Harissa Blend is made with Fire Roasted Poblano Pepper Puree, Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pepper Puree and light roasted Garlic Puree.

These Harissa blends are good alone and will spice up any meat or protein, it can also be blended into mayonnaise, or sour cream to create a unique on trend spread or dip. 

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