October 11th 2016


Pure Freshness

Our pursuit of pure oregano flavour starts at the source. We harvest the herb from the rich soil of the Mediterranean where it develops a more intense flavour and aroma. Our oregano is shipped in its original, whole-leaf form to maintain freshness. Open a bottle of our oregano and your senses are struck by the signature aroma that evokes memories of your best Italian dish.

Pure Authenticity

Our commitment to quality continues at our headquarters in Maryland, where we perform numerous quality checks and tastings to ensure we are bottling oregano leaves in their purest form. Take a closer look at other oregano and you may notice sticks and stems mixed in with the leaves and a less vibrant green hue. But that’s not all. What you think is oregano may not be. Some other dried oregano may contain sumac, myrtle, olive leaves or other herbs. Our bottle says oregano, because that’s exactly what it is.

Try It Today

Robust Mediterranean oregano adds bold herbal flavour to Italian and Greek favorites like pizza, minestrone soup, Greek salads, and grilled chicken, lamb and shrimp.

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