Organic Pepper

January 05th 2017

Organic Pepper

Organic Pepper

Grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or insecticides and free of genetically modified organisms, High Quality Organic’s organic pepper comes from the organic plantations of India and Madagascar.

Most organic pepper is grown in harmony with sturdy trees such as nutmeg. The complimentary trees are the perfect structure for the pepper vine to weave its way up the branches.

Bebe’s Organic Pepper Plantation Madagascar

Meet Bebe, a simple man with a very impressive organic pepper plantation in the remote hills of Madagascar. The plantation has been in Bebe’s family for over four generations and now provides work for many of the local villagers.

Bebe grows his organic pepper on a bio-diverse plantation with nutmeg and rubber trees. He allows the pepper to grow for five years before he carefully hand picks the green peppercorns and allows them to dry in the sun. After the peppercorns have dried, they become black peppercorns, the most popular spice in the world.

Helping You Capitalize on the Organic Opportunity

McCormick Canada is proud to represent High Quality Organics in Canada.  McCormick and High Quality Organics have strict guidelines and rigorous procedures in place to ensure that all products meet or exceed today’s stringent quality and safety standards.

We are here to help you capitalize on the organic opportunity. High Quality Organics offers a complete range of organic food solutions, including spices, herbs and seasoning blends. 

High Quality Organics is a gluten and nut-free facility. All products are certified organic and GMO-free.

For a product sample of High Quality Organics organic pepper, or another organic product, please fill out the sample request form below.

Did You Know?

51% of families are buying more organic products than they did one year ago.

Source: U.S. Families Organic Attitudes and Beliefs Study, 2015