June 07th 2018


Did you read Hamlet in high school? Do you recall Ophelia’s line, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”

If not, maybe you aren’t eating enough rosemary! While the jury may still be out on its ability to bolster your memory, you certainly won’t forget its wonderful aroma and homey flavour. Before you dig out your notes on Shakespeare, first read up on rosemary, our featured ingredient of the month.

What’s in a name? The delicate blue blossoms of rosemary bear little resemblance to roses, so why the moniker? It actually comes from “rosmarinus” which is Latin for “dew of the sea.” Given that rosemary thrives in the damp environments of the Mediterranean, it’s a suitable name. Rosemary is a woody herb with thin leaves not unlike the needles of evergreen trees.

As has often been the case with plants, people have found many ways to use this hardy herb. Over the centuries rosemary has been credited with curing baldness, warding off bugs, and preventing nightmares. There was a time when both weddings and funerals incorporated rosemary into the ceremonies.

Of course it’s in the kitchen that rosemary really shines. It’s a staple for pork and lamb dishes, and that’s partly why we see it so much in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern recipes.

Rosemary has long been popular in Christmas menus, but it’s great all year long for delivering a strong blend of minty and woody notes to meat and vegetable dishes. You’ll also find it in many blends, like Jerk Seasoning, and Italian Seasoning. Used in moderation, it adds a subtle pinch of flavour to soups and stews, too. Rosemary has no equal when it comes to comfort foods and home cooking.

Even beverages can benefit from a hint of rosemary. A rosemary-infused simple syrup makes a great addition to a cocktail, especially gin- or vodka-based concoctions. It’s a natural way to add warmth and aroma to a drink.

As the demand for natural flavour solutions and plant-based ingredients grows, it makes sense to use tried-and-true, label-friendly ingredients like rosemary. For rosemary and more, we are the source for the best ingredients, naturally.

Talk to us for more information, and order a free sample today. We promise, understanding the order form is a lot simpler than understanding Hamlet’s soliloquy!