Sethness Caramel Colours Deliver Gluten Free Benefits

May 16th 2017

Sethness Caramel Colours Deliver Gluten Free Benefits

As consumers search for solutions to help them cope with the negative effects of Celiac Disease, gluten sensitivity and wheat allergies, Sethness provides safe, consumer-friendly color ingredients that give gluten-free products an enticing appearance.

Sethness certifies that all of its Caramel Colors contain no gluten and meet the 21 CFR 101.91 gluten-free requirements by the U.S. FDA. Gluten is not present in corn or sugar cane based materials. Since Sethness Caramel Colors are exclusively manufactured from these two raw materials, they do not contain gluten.

Sethness Caramel Colors are clean, label-friendly ingredients. They can be simply labeled as “caramel color” or “caramel” – allowing for a less-chemical appearance on product labels.

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