Vegetable Juices

July 05th 2019

Vegetable Juices Vegetable Trend in Beverages 

Discover the many ways that vegetables are being incorporated into beverages. Whether you need a single ingredient or custom blend, quench your thirst for nature’s goodness with Vegetable Juices, Inc. VJI has been a supplier of natural vegetable flavors and ingredients to food processors around the world. We are the natural partner to consider when creating your next beverage innovation.

• According to Mintel, vegetables in beverages are becoming increasingly popular with 17% of all worldwide juice-containing beverages containing vegetables.  
This number rises to 32% in the U.S.!
• A growing number of consumers want to keep it healthy when quenching their thirst and 55% are making conscious efforts to include more vegetables in their diets
• National and or government-sponsored campaigns to increase the intake of vegetables by consumers are now launched in every major country.
Beverage manufacturers have responded and today, more and more beverages are incorporating vegetables. Drop for drop, Vegetable Juices, Inc.’s natural concentrates, juices, purees and blends can incorporate the health and wellness of vegetables into five beverage platforms. 
• Calorie Conscious: lowering calories using vegetables
• Stealth Health: sneaking healthy into tasty
• Intuitive Nutrition: drinking what you know is good for you
• Functional: drinking for specific health benefits
• Alcoholic Mixers: vegetable-inspired cocktail mixers

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