Canadian Consumers are Craving Japanese Pub Food

February 06th 2018

Canadian Consumers are Craving Japanese Pub Food

How do you capture a market that wants new flavours and new eating experiences? You get ahead of the trends. A new adventure in appetizers and snacks is the flavour-packed food served at trendy Japanese pubs called Izakaya. In fact, we’ve pegged Izakaya eats as one of the top trends for the year in the Flavour Forecast 2018.

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At an Izakaya, it’s all about food, fun, and friends. Many locations are so packed after work hours, that 2-hour maximums may be imposed on tables. The small plates and drinks come fast and furious, and it’s usually very, very loud.

Classic Izakaya offerings include stuffed rice balls, grilled chicken wings, edamame, and the sweet and salty skewers called yakitori. Tangy sauces and glazes, and the tastes of miso and wasabi are hallmarks of Izakaya eats, as is furikake, the ubiquitous spice blend. Made from a base of seaweed, sugar, sea salt and sesame, it can be customized seemingly infinitely, and you’ll find it livening up rice, noodles, seafood, vegetables, and more.

Millennial consumers love to eat and socialize, and small bites and finger foods are perfect for enjoying over conversation. Shareable plates make the meal dynamic, and the bold, even explosive flavours, give diners plenty to talk about.

By offering your customers the essence of an Izakaya experience, you can give them the flavour adventure they’re craving. With a Custom Flavour Solution tailored to your application by our Flavour Experts, you’ll be poised to grab a share of this eager market.