Charmed by Brazil

April 15th 2016

Charmed by Brazil

Brazilian flavours are on the rise! According to the 2014 McCormick Flavour Forecast, Brazilian cuisine is poised to emerge as the next big thing in cross-cultural cooking. When the world shines its spotlight on Brazil for the World Cup in 2014 and beyond, it will illuminate a melting pot culture with mouthwatering flavours to match. Brazilian cuisine is a dynamic, seductive fusion of European, African, Asian and native Amazonian influences.

Here are just a few Brazilian flavours and ingredients to watch:

  • Cassava Flour: Also known as manioc or tapioca flour, it’s a gluten-free baking alternative.
  • Bahian Seasoning: Hailing from Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia, this versatile and complex seasoning blend typically contains a mix of spices and herbs like oregano, cumin, white pepper and red pepper.
  • Black-Eyed Peas: Black-eyed peas have become a signature ingredient in Brazilian home cooking and street food. Used commonly in deep-fried snacks and rich, comforting stews, black-eyed peas offer flavor and texture to rustic dishes.
  • Guava: This aromatic, pink-fleshed fruit can be used in everything from cocktails to savory sauces. Available outside the tropics in fresh, frozen and nectar forms, cooks around the globe can now embrace a true taste of the Amazon. Thanks to its location on the equator, Brazil is also home to hundreds of other fruit varieties you may never have even heard of—like cashew fruit, water lemon and cupuaçu.

As these flavours spread, expect them to meld with local dishes and other global inspirations to create a delicious and dynamic cross-cultural cuisine.

Brazilian BBQ on the Menu

The World Cup 2014 is the perfect opportunity to showcase trendy Brazilian BBQ on your menu. Take it to new levels with wow-worthy dishes like skewered meats in zesty marinades – ensuring Latin American flair in every bite.

  • Mix together a cilantro and lime-spiked chimichurri sauce to add bright flavour and colour to grilled potatoes and bell peppers.
  • Double skewer chicken wings, then grill and glaze with guava jelly, a favorite Brazilian ingredient, to make a finger-licking favourite for your summer menu.
  • Make your own Bahian Seasoning Blend: This easy, all-purpose seasoning blend from the Brazilian state of Bahia is known as tempero baiano in Brazilian Portuguese: