Cheers to Great Tasting Beverages

June 07th 2018

Cheers to Great Tasting Beverages

Sales of traditional soft drinks have been dropping, and they’re being replaced by flavourful new offerings like cold brew coffee and kombucha. Flavoured water sales are on the rise, too - projections are for greater than 8% annual growth globally through 2021.

Let’s dive in to what’s big in beverages and the many ways McCormick can make your sales “pop”.

If you could have jumped forward in time from the start of the millennium to 2018, you may have been shocked to see what’s in the fridges at most food retailers. Cold brew coffee, kombucha, nut milks, relaxation beverages - what the heck is going on?

There’s been a disruption in the beverage market, and once sure bets for sales success are now slumping like so many wet paper straws.

Here’s the bad news - between 2004-2015 traditionally strong non-alcoholic drink categories lost a lot of traction:

  • Soft drinks - down 27%

  • Fruit drinks - down 22%

  • 100% fruit juice - down 10%

Now for the good news, several beverage categories have emerged as major success stories:

  • Energy drinks - up 638%

  • Sweetened coffees - up 579%

  • Flavoured water - up 527%

These are stunning gains that show where consumers’ minds are at when they’re choosing refreshment. New flavours, and the promise or perception of functional ingredients are top-of-mind for many purchase decisions. Some are trying to curb sugar intake, and many would especially like to avoid artificial sweeteners, flavours, and colours.

Whether RTD coffees or teas are your thing, or you want to take the fizzy flavoured water market by storm, it all starts with the same thing: exceptional flavour. We’ve seen some intriguing new flavours lately including peach in both the sparkling water and pop markets, and flavoured water spiced up with chili and chipotle.

Not only do we know and understand the trends, we can put that knowledge into action. And into a bottle, for that matter! From scientists to mixologists, we have the team and the proprietary techniques to create your break-through beverage.

If you’re ready to take a deep drink of the beverage market, we can help you deliver on your flavour promise.