Dairy Flavouring Expertise

May 02nd 2018

Dairy Flavouring Expertise

Canadian government data indicates consumption of butter, yogurt, and specialty cheeses has been increasing steadily since 2007. Premium products are commanding higher prices than ever. Even in the liquid milk categories, flavoured milk (especially chocolate), and cream sales continue to rise.

This all proves that there remains a large market for traditional dairy products. Even in a traditional market however, there is still the opportunity to surprise with exciting tastes, and premium ingredients.

What’s the scoop on frozen treats?

Let’s look at ice cream as an example - always a popular choice! Premium and private label products are enjoying great success. This has been partially spurred by exotic flavours that appeal to adult consumers. Concoctions like Peanut Butter & Cookies, and Vodka Key Lime Pie are scooping out a place in the market.

Even increased focus on health among consumers can’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm for frozen treats. Only 19% of Canadians considered health as a key determining factor for a purchase decision (Mintel). Tellingly, 47% cited ingredient quality, and 40% were wooed by intriguing flavour combinations.

Unlock the flavour potential in your hard, liquid, and frozen assets

Dairy products present unique flavouring challenges. That’s where we come in, if you hadn’t guessed.

We can start by helping you choose your flavour direction. Will you cater to the spice lovers with something like Thai red curry ice cream sandwiched between ginger cookies? Or ride the trends with of-the-moment ingredients like matcha, or turmeric. If you’re chasing the health & wellness crowd, we can even help you lower fat and sugar content without sacrificing mouthfeel or flavour.

Have a look at our dairy solutions material, and then get in touch. No matter the application, we’ll help you put your best food forward.