Deliciousness of Science-driven Cuisine

November 13th 2017

Deliciousness of Science-driven Cuisine

The Building Blocks of Flavour and the Deliciousness of Science-driven Cuisine

When it comes to complex flavours, we often find science blending with the culinary arts, as we do in the emerging field of molecular gastronomy. McCormick Culinary Consultant John Placko describes it as, “science-driven cuisine,” and it’s taking flavour-matching to a whole new level of precision.

By analyzing individual ingredients for molecular compatibility, it is possible to pair flavours that may not have come together otherwise. The results are often unexpectedly delicious; Chef John cites strawberry and basil, and cauliflower and white chocolate as surprisingly tasty combinations.

This attention to detail on a microscopic level is one way for a brand to set itself apart from the competition. Chef John firmly believes molecular cuisine has moved beyond being just a trend to become a mainstream aspect of the flavouring process.

If a layered flavour profile is more the USP you’re after, look no further. With our proprietary flavour modulation and FlavorCell® technologies, we can layer and blend flavours for subtle culinary expressions, or flavour-forward explosions of taste. No matter what space your brand or application occupies, we can work with you to assemble the precise flavour experience you want.

Staying on the forefront of flavour development allows McCormick to meet your flavouring needs, no matter the complexity or simplicity of your requirements. Talk to us and find out why we say, “flavour is in our DNA.”