Drink to Your Wellness

April 05th 2018

Drink to Your Wellness

Mintel data indicates that as of 2016, 39% of consumers used a performance or nutritional drink as a breakfast replacement. When it comes to other meals, even those who do have time to eat supplement their meal with a health-forward drink nearly half of the time. They are seen as an easy and effective way to add nutrition into a busy schedule.

Convenience food used to mean TV dinners that went in the oven. That evolved into microwave dinners. While there is still a place for convenience-first food, today’s consumers are demanding more than just full stomachs. They want food with a function that will nourish and revitalize them when there’s no time for a sit-down meal.

Wellness beverages fill this need perfectly; they’re easy to consume, portable, and they can be packed with healthy and better-for-you ingredients. Inside the glass (or bowl) you’ll probably find a blend of fruit and vegetables, with additional flavour and nutrients provided by spices.

What’s really exciting about the Drink to Your Wellness trend is the variety of ingredients you can use. The usual smoothie suspects are there but so are unexpected ingredients like dandelion greens, oyster mushrooms, and leeks. Enticing spices like chipotle, ginger, and turmeric, are bringing soups and drinks to life with bold and invigorating flavours that also carry with them a "better for you" halo.

Imagine kick-starting your day with an apple and cucumber smoothie that also had the fresh and light taste of clementines. Now ratchet up the flavour one more notch with a pinch of cayenne pepper to really shake up your wake up!

Don’t think this trend is restricted to breakfast, though: evening elixirs are an exciting part of Drink to Your Wellness! Instead of reaching for the sweets, after dinner is the perfect time to rebalance and reset your body and mind in preparation for tomorrow. Spiced cinnamon and persimmon mocktail, anyone?

Three ways to serve this market

  1. Trendy ingredients, think turmeric or charcoal, can help a product capture a market of consumers looking for the latest.

  2. Exciting flavours can secure a new audience, as can the promise of health and wellness benefits.

  3. Many consumers seek out clean label solutions and will make their purchasing choices based on what’s inside.

Fresh, healthy food that’s ready quickly; that’s the magic formula for today’s busy consumers. They’re more mindful than ever about what they’re putting in their bodies, but they’re struggling to balance that with their fast-paced lifestyles. What could you do to capitalize on this surging demand?

Start by talking to us. We don’t just have flavours. We have solutions.

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