Flavour Spotlight on Baharat Seasoning

June 21st 2017

Flavour Spotlight on Baharat Seasoning

All About Baharat Seasoning, an indispensable, fragrant blend for Eastern Mediterranean cooking.

A staple in Eastern Mediterranean cooking, Baharat Seasoning is a fragrant, warm spice blend that varies by region – and even household. It typically includes black pepper, cardamom, cloves, cumin, nutmeg, coriander and paprika. But the formula is not set in stone. Sometimes ginger and fenugreek are part of the mix.

Baharat is a common spice used to flavour proteins like chicken, lamb, and fish. The blend is also used to add a colour and flavour to rice.

In Lebanon, Baharat is also known as Lebanese Seven Spice mix. Lebanese cooks may use a pinch of this all-purpose seasoning in a lemony tabbouleh, or in a grilled kofta made from ground lamb. Its warm, sweet notes add depth and brightness.

Make this version to add depth to rice, soups, meat, fish and chicken dishes.