Flavour Spotlight on Black Pepper Date Syrup

February 07th 2017

Flavour Spotlight on Black Pepper Date Syrup

Capturing the perfect sweet and heat combination.

Exotic and spicy, this syrup recipe is the perfect blend of bold pepper and smooth, sweet Medjool dates. Date syrup is made by extracting liquid from dates soaked in water and cooked down in a sauce pan to produce a thick dark brown, sweet fruit syrup. Date syrup is widely used in North African and Middle Eastern cooking.

Black Pepper Date syrup can be served over ice cream, hot oatmeal, spiced cake and more:

— Drizzle syrup over Greek yogurt 

— Incorporate into snack bars

— Use as a sauce over chicken and waffles

— Glaze over chicken wings

— Glaze over cedar-planked salmon

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