Flavour Spotlight on Skhug Sauce

January 09th 2017

Flavour Spotlight on Skhug Sauce

Get ready for the next wave of spicy flavour for the 21st century.

Skhug, (pronouned "shug"), is a popular Middle Eastern condiment bringing spice to the table in a hot sauce form. Traditional ingredients like cumin and cardamom combine with the heat of Thai bird chilies, freshly chopped herbs, olive oil and tangy lemon juice to create a versatile topping for savoury breakfast bowls and a whole lot more:

- Use Skhug Sauce as condiment for Middle Eastern dishes such as Falafel and Shawarma

- Pair Skhug Sauce with grilled meats, fish and vegetables to deliver a spicy kick

- Top hummus with Skhug Sauce for added heat and flavour complexity

- Mix Skhug Sauce with reduced or non-fat Greek yogurt for a delicious low-fat dip or sauce for vegetables

- Spoon some Skhug Sauce into pasta dishes, soup and bean dishes to create deeper layers of flavour

- Combine Skhug Sauce with creamy ricotta cheese and use it to top breakfast bowls for a tangy-savoury-spicy taste experience

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