Go Green the Natural Way

March 12th 2018

Go Green the Natural Way

Recently released data indicates St. Patrick’s Day spending in North America exceeded $5B last year. Spending is expected to increase in 2018. St. Paddy’s day is especially big with Millennials: approximately 70% of 18-34 year-olds celebrated the day in 2016, with more than half spending money on food and beverages for the occasion.

And while a lot of the spending will be on green beer and dining out (27% of celebrants will head out to eat and drink), 31% plan to make a special dinner at home, with 38% doing their primary shopping at a grocery store. If snacking is your thing, you’ll want to know that 16% expect to make special candy purchases to help sweeten the celebration.

We know it’s big business. So, what’s the secret to cashing in on St. Patrick’s Day and the hype around it?

Here in Canada, though it’s not an official holiday, parades will be happening in cities across the country, and revellers will be spending money on special eats and drinks. The classic way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the food business is to turn your product green.

Green desserts, green entrees, and of course green drinks – and not just beer! – are perennial favourites in the lead up to St. Patrick’s Day. Natural colouring from mint, parsley, or spinach are among the ways you can go green for March.

Snack foods are especially popular for special events like this. Themed foods add fun and flavour to holiday seasons at any time of year. From basics like green icing on baked sweets, to rainbow popcorn, green yogurt-dipped pretzels, or even green tacos. It doesn’t have to be a traditional snack product - any food coloured specially for a holiday or season can be a hit at parties!

This is not a day to be ignored by anyone marketing a product that could be tailored to suit the occasion. Don’t rely on luck - talk to us! We know where to find the pot of flavour gold.