Handheld Fusion Food

March 12th 2018

Handheld Fusion Food

One of the most exciting trends we’re seeing this year is the fusion of international cuisines in handheld food. It’s a food trend that caters to both adventurous eaters, and busy people trying to squeeze a meal in.

If convenience food is your business, this is one trend you’ll want to grab hold of.

Street Eats from around the world are coming together in a harmony of handheld flavours. Chefs are creating brand new flavour sensations by blending international tastes into delicious and portable meals. The only common thread is there’s no cutlery required - it’s the ultimate full-flavoured, grab-and-go food trend!

What goes inside? That’s up to you. What matters most is that it’s bursting with flavour. Take an edible wrapper – like a crepe or a pita – and fill it with the best ingredients from around the world. Where they’re from doesn’t matter, only that the combination is unique and delicious.

Imagine a Venezuelan arepa, a delicious corn pancake, filled with plantains, steak, then finished off with an unexpectedly spicy Greek tzatziki for a flavour twist, and you’ve got the idea. Or, take a sweet approach - perhaps a Chinese bao bun stuffed with bananas, cream, toffee, and cinnamon for a British banoffee pie to go?

Not only are the flavour options exciting, but it’s also a trend that fits perfectly with busy modern lifestyles. When you’ve only got time for a snack, you want to get everything you can out of it. That means it has to be fast, filling, and flavourful.

This trend lends itself perfectly to the food service, HMR, and frozen foods industries. If any of these describe your business, here’s a unique opportunity. Make your end-users’ lives a little easier, do it with great taste, and you’ve got the formula for customers for life.

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