Juices & Purées: The Liquid Revolution is Here

February 06th 2019

Juices & Purées: The Liquid Revolution is Here

Here’s a big win for CPG makers: 85% of Canadians prefer homemade meals whenever possible. Thanks to modern lifestyles, though, 40% will choose convenience over nutrition if pressed for time.

Could offering a product that fills both needs be the way to win over more hearts and wallets?

On-trend for flavour, versatility, and convenience, fruit and vegetable juices and purées may be the magic elixirs you’re looking for. Both have the potential to add fresh flavour and natural functionality to internationally-inspired marinades, health-forward drinks, tempting desserts, and more.

By incorporating fruit and vegetable juices and purées into sweet dishes, chefs are moving the juice bar to the kitchen. Likewise, it’s a simple way to create nutrient- and texture-rich sauces ideal for cooking with increased novelty and wellness cachet compared to traditional cream-based sauces or gravies for pasta, meats, and seafood.

Just like the sauces and marinades they’re replacing, fruit and vegetable juices and purées can provide rich mouth-feel. As an advantage, these new products are packed with nutrients rather than empty calories. Of course, choosing the right spices and herbs is essential to making everything taste great, and ramping up the authenticity. Choosing exciting and flavourful spices like cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon, and blends like baharat are just some of the ways to deliver an extra punch of flavour to liquid applications.

Technique Examples:
• Mix hearty veggies with a healthy base like bone broth to create light, flavourful sauces
• Add colour and flavour to reduced-guilt frozen desserts with smooth puréed fruits and veggies
• Stir juices into clear mixed drinks to create signature cocktails like a Beet & Vodka Tonic or a Carrot-ini
• Purée kale, avocado and pistachios with chicken stock, garlic and Italian Seasoning for a health-forward pan-Mediterranean riff on gazpacho that’s brimming with flavour

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