Kicking Off A Summer of International Flavours

May 02nd 2018

Kicking Off A Summer of International Flavours

Canada won’t be playing for world soccer supremacy this summer, but plenty of Canadians will be cheering on their former homes and native lands. People from all around the world come to Canada – and they bring their cooking culture with them.

Clearly, Canadians are welcoming these new culinary experiences with open arms. Here’s some of the key data:

  • 73% of Canadians like to experience other cultures through their food

  • 72% eat ethnic-inspired food to break the routine at home

  • 61% will first try an ethnic cuisine at a restaurant before trying to make it at home

  • 21% of Canadians are making more ethnic food at home than they did in 2015 (Technomic - Canadian Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report)

While an appreciation for diverse cuisine is reflected in the data, there are barriers to preparing authentic international dishes at home causing people to hesitate. For example, while 33% say they like to go out to eat Japanese food, only 8% try to make it at home (Statista - 2017).  So what’s the hold up?

Unfamiliar ingredients for non-traditional foods can be intimidating for would-be home chefs. Simply finding the right ingredients may be a challenge – 40% cite that as a major impediment to making international dishes in their own kitchens (Statista)