Make Them See Your Sweet Side

February 06th 2018

Make Them See Your Sweet Side

Valentine’s Day is coming and it brings with it an annual spike in sales of all manner of sweets, including baked goods. In a crowded market, it’s important to stand out in terms of flavour and quality. Did you know that in addition to being Flavour Experts, McCormick is on the cutting edge of baking technology?

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One of the keys to creating an exceptional flavour experience is timing. Tasting all the flavours of a food product at once overloads the taste receptors, causing confusion and hiding the benefits of using premium, delicious ingredients.

By layering flavours, and “programming” them to release sequentially, the end user can enjoy each flavour individually before it makes way for the next. In this way, separate flavours compliment each other, instead of compete with each other. This may seem like either magic or science fiction, but it is exactly what our proprietary Flavour Cell® technology can do for your product.

Once the flavour is established, we can further ensure it isn’t lost to the rigours of baking on a commercial scale. Our baking expertise in combination with Flavor Cell® will protect your signature taste and look from degradation due to the extreme temperatures of ovens and freezers. The end result is a product with the exact taste experience you conceived for your customers to enjoy.

No matter your application, McCormick has the techniques required to help you make sweet baked treats that will warm the hearts of your customers, and drive your business forward.

You can learn more about about flavour layering and baking by downloading our Bakery and Confections Sales Sheet.