Recado Mexican Spice Blend

September 07th 2018

Recado Mexican Spice Blend

First Bite

Recado Mexican Spice Blend

Consumers are broadening their horizons in search of new flavour experiences. While some “discerning” eaters may feel that Mexico has nothing new left to offer, the truth is there’s still much to discover! Much like the regional styles of American barbecue Chef Juriaan told us about last month, Mexico’s cuisine varies depending on where you are. 


Mexican food has long been a favourite with Canadians. Last year it ranked as the second most popular global cuisine (if you exclude American food) to make at home, behind only Italian.

Unfortunately, consumers tend to have a limited view of what constitutes a country’s cuisine. That view is typically formed by whatever branch of that cuisine dominates the restaurant industry. For Mexican food, that often means tacos, nachos, and burritos doused in hot pepper sauce, chili powder and paprika. We’re not saying it isn’t tasty, but how great would it be to bring something new to this already popular category?

Past the Peppers and Beyond the Burritos

Digging deep into Mexico’s food scene reveals wonderful local flavours. Savvy food insiders should be watching for the recado rojo spice blend, popular throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, as an emerging trend.

“Rojo” means red, and it only takes one look at this gorgeous blend to see how recado rojo got its name. The primary ingredient is red annatto powder, made from ground achiote tree seeds. As with many regional spice blends, the rest of the recipe varies from maker to maker, but a typical mix also includes coriander, Mexican oregano, salt, cumin, black pepper, and cloves.

Often, the spices are made into a paste or marinade with lime and/or orange juice, but it also works great as a dry rub on meat. The most famous recado rojo dish is cochinita pibil, a delicious marinated pulled pork, and it’s also fantastic on barbecued chicken, and a host of other meat dishes.

It’s an aromatic blend, and the flavour profile is warm, slightly sour, and peppery. It can be tingly, but it’s not a “daredevils only” spice! This makes it a highly accessible option for anyone after a unique and authentic Mexican experience.

Bringing the Real Taste of Mexico Home

A simple way to offer this exciting new flavour to consumers would be in a ready-to-use sauce or marinade. Just pour, cook, and enjoy the real taste of Mexico at home. But why stop there?

Take advantage of the snack revolution and create a recado rojo dip as an alternative to the usual suspects for nachos. Or, put it right on the snack itself - recado popped chips, nuts, and pretzels would have snackers coming back for one handful after another! We also think the salty and spicy components would make for an exceptional cocktail rimmer. A Canadian Caesar with Mexican flare sounds like a flavour match made in heaven to us!

If you’re looking to go deep into regional cuisines to expand your market and entice new consumers, make sure you do it with authenticity. We’ve sourced the best ingredients from around the world, and our combined culinary and scientific expertise enables us to use them to maximum effect. Get in touch with us and together we’ll take your customers on a flavour journey they never expected.