Reviewing Our Favourite Flavours of 2018

December 06th 2018

Reviewing Our Favourite Flavours of 2018

Reviewing Our Favourite Flavours of 2018


Pay close attention to what's on the plate and in the glass if you’re ever eating with a food scientist, chef, or culinologist. Even if you’ve never seen it before, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing it again in the future. It’s in their nature to pick up on and adopt the flavour trends before they break big, and they tend to know what’s just a fad and will soon be gone.

With that in mind, let’s find out what tastes topped the favourites list for some of the McCormick’s Canada team in 2018!

For Christine Rush, Product Development Director for Canada Flavour Solutions, it was all about Ethiopian berbere spice and black garlic. "I love these flavours for their versatility in both sweet and savoury foods of all types," she tells us. Christine says the umami flavour of black garlic is subtle, "...yet it enhances and provides a depth of flavour to every product I have added it to."

She also loves the warmth berbere brings to everything from muffins to meat rubs. “This spice profile really creates a contemporary updated flavour in even the most traditional dishes. I love the heat and warm, brown spice combination!”

Margarita and Marla, two of our passionate food scientists, also shared their favourites. Margarita has been using skyr, the Icelandic cheese that functions like yogurt, in her baking. Marla discovered Golden Lattes in 2018 and enjoyed creating her version of this frothy drink with coconut or almond milk, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and honey. In her own words, "It gives me comfort and peace, knowing each ingredient in this drink will do my mind and body good."

Executive Chef Juriaan Snellen reports that B-B-Q was B-I-G in 2018, and will keep growing in 2019. He sees it moving beyond burgers and hot dogs, with regionally-influenced American styles mainstreaming, like 'low and slow' smoking. "You can see that by the number of barbecue-themed restaurants in Canada. That number is growing. Those guys that are doing it are extremely passionate about what they’re doing, and they’re also very knowledgeable. The results are spectacular."

Chef Juriaan also sees vegetables continuing to make a play for centre-of-the-plate billing. "People are starting to become very innovative when it comes to vegetables. And, it’s not reserved just for the vegetarians. Today you can make vegetables taste so great and look so interesting, there’s no need to have meat or fish, or anything else."

He is confident that the rise of the vegetable isn’t over yet. “I think we’re starting to move away from vegetarian food that is trying to imitate non-vegetarian food,” Chef Juriaan elaborates. “I think the focus is going to be more on using veggies as they are but preparing them in such a way that they deliver massive flavour and a huge wow factor.”

If you want to “wow” with cauliflower, eggplants, and other veggies, however, you need a lot of creativity (Chef Juriaan told us about squash stuffed with zucchini stuffed with eggplant - “It’s a play on the turducken in a vegetable format.”) and a lot of great flavours.

Get in touch with our culinary experts and flavour developers to help put your food or beverage product at the top of consumers’ lists in 2019.

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