Rise and Shine to Global Tastes

January 09th 2017

Rise and Shine to Global Tastes

Breakfast options with big, global flavours are being sought after by a generation of flavour adventurists not content with the same boring bowl.

Global breakfast bowls filled with unique flavours and ingredients is one of the five flavour trends McCormick have identified as being on the rise as part of its Flavour Forecast 2017. From exciting ancient grains and rice varieties, to a Middle eastern-inspired breakfast hash topped with a spicy sauce, these are the global tastes worth getting out of bed for.

Consumers today are warming to the idea of mixing up traditional breakfast foods with a new twist.  According to Mintel, taste is the top consideration for Canadian consumers when choosing one breakfast product over another, followed by nutrition and provides energy (Source: Mintel: Breakfast Eating Habits - Motivations and Attitudes - Canada - July 2016). Canadians are also more open to fusing different types of cuisines together to create a global mash-up of flavours and textures.

Hot Cereal Grains—  But Not as You Know it

In North America, we are familiar with Oat Porridge or Oatmeal: steel cut or rolled oats. This dish is often cooked or served with flavourings such as sugar, honey, etc. to make a sweet dish.

However, unlike hot cereal in the North America which is traditionally sweet, many global hot cereal bowls are savoury. These savoury grain bowls are the ideal carrier for meats, vegetables, purées and nuts, making them a protein-packed, delicious treat in the morning. When combined with ancient grains such as quinoa, breakfast bowls have the potential to be low-carb, gluten-free and nutrient rich-options for the first meal of the day.

Here are just a few tasty breakfast global bowls to explore:


  • Congee/Jook:  Rice porridge with egg and pork, garnished with cilantro and fried wonton.


  • Upma: Breakfast dish made from semolina or suji, served with coconut chutney, lime slices or lime pickle.

Middle East

  • H'riss: Spiced Chicken and wheat Porridge;
  • Burbura: Sweet porridge with wheat, nuts, spices


  • Genfo: Thick barley porridge often served with butter or berbere (a mixture of spices such as chili and ginger)

Latin America

  • Atole:  Masa (corn hominy flour)-based hot corn based beverage, made with piloncillo, cinnamon, vanilla and optional chocolate or fruit.


  • Angu:  Cooked cornmeal flavoured with salt or chicken/beef broth. Often served with chicken and okra.

Healthy Breakfasts Now Come In A Bowl

In restaurants and at home, all sorts of creative one-dish breakfasts are being served in a bowl. The 2017 McCormick Flavour Forecast highlights three new favourites that are changing the breakfast landscape around the world. 

Red Rice & Barley Congee with Mango and Coconut

This new version finds its sweeter side with a mashup of red rice, pearl barley, sweet-tart cranberries and warm spices – cinnamon, ginger, allspice and cloves. Cooked until creamy, it’s the perfect base for a toasted coconut topping, mango chunks and a dollop of cool, refreshing yogurt and pomegranate molasses drizzle.

Popped Sorghum Granola

Sweetened with agave nectar, vanilla, and warm spices like cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric, this homemade granola is the new way to fuel your day. Nutty, with a slightly chewy texture, sorghum is a gluten-free ancient grain that pops (just like popcorn!) when heated on the stovetop. Add almonds, pecans and shredded coconut to round out this crunchy breakfast treat.

Chickpea and Ground Lamb Breakfast Hash with Skhug Sauce

Think outside the box and start the day with a traditional Middle Eastern hash. Tender chickpeas, ground lamb or beef and butternut squash seasoned with a blend of coriander, cumin and fennel are the star of the bowl. Add skhug, a popular Middle Eastern hot sauce, for a tangy-savoury spiciness that’ll keep you and guests coming back for more.