Sauces and Condiments

July 04th 2018

Sauces and Condiments

With BBQ season running at full tilt, it’s the perfect opportunity to look at how much Canadians love to add flavour to their food. Seasoning and condiment sales topped $1.1B in 2016, and we basted, dipped, and poured on $774M worth of sauces and marinades that same year.

What add-on flavours are trending with the Canadian condiment consumer? Follow the link to find out!

Condiments and sauces are big sellers all year, but when grills are flaring, it’s a great time to talk toppings. Ketchup, relish, mustard, BBQ sauce – they’re all big with barbecuers! In fact, sales of ketchup alone reached nearly $160M in 2017. Other top-selling sauce and condiment categories include:

  • Barbecue sauces

  • Prepared mustard

  • Chilli sauce

  • Worcestershire sauce

  • Steak sauces

And don’t forget mayonnaise and salsa! Mayo superseded ketchup as the top-selling sauce in Canada about a decade ago ($177M in sales last year), and salsa is hot on their heels.

As we’ve seen in other categories, cranking up the heat is a great way to win customers’ hearts. The meteoric rise in popularity of sriracha sauce is an obvious offshoot of this trend, and it goes hand-in-hand with an emerging interest in international flavours. And while 73% of Canadians like to experience the food of other cultures, 36% are intimidated by the idea of making it at home.  

The solution could be to provide ready-made sauces and condiments that offer a taste of the exotic presented in a familiar way. What might that look like?

Let’s say you want to ride the rising tide of East African flavour, but you don’t want to overwhelm consumers with unfamiliar terms like ‘mitmita’ and ‘berbere’. You could infuse the spices of Tanzania and Ethiopia into a zesty mayonnaise or mustard; those are condiments Canadian consumers understand and know what to do with.

On the other hand, you might choose to combine the known with the known for something entirely new. This year we’ve already seen the North American release of ‘Mayochup’. Is ‘ketchtard’ next? ‘Horserelish’ perhaps? Tell you what - you come up with the name for your condiment creation, and we’ll provide the best flavouring ingredients available.

No matter your choice, we can provide authentic ingredients from around the world or right at home. From the staples to the trends in sauces, condiments, and dressings, we’ll make sure your flavour profile is on point.

Dip into our very big bowl of sauce and condiment flavouring knowledge, and we’ll help you pour on the passion.