Super Flavours for the Big Game

February 06th 2018

Super Flavours for the Big Game

In case you missed it (as if that were possible), February kicked off with the biggest football game of the year! At home and at restaurants people tackled mountains of chicken wings and other snacks during the big game. In excess of 1.35 billion wings were consumed in the U.S. alone, according to the National Chicken Council.

We know who won the game, but who was the winner in the flavour department?

All things spicy ranked high this past weekend among Internet searches for football-friendly recipes. Jalapeño, chili, and, of course, Buffalo Chicken were favourites with sports fans across North America. Two major snack companies bought time during the game to promote their spicy new products, with one urging consumers to mix flavours into custom mash-ups.

Trying unusual flavour mash-ups is a popular pastime for adventurous eaters. Wing purveyors now offer everything from the creative (like Maple Chipotle) to the crazy (like PBJ). Guacamole is gaining popularity as a topping rather than a dip. We even saw one area where the top recipe search for the championship weekend was “cream cheese jalapeño hamburger.” Though we’re not advocating for or against that particular combination, mash-ups and fusions are ideal for luring experimental consumers, revitalizing a product, or claiming a unique market niche.

Localized trends were also evident, with many provinces and states showing unique flavour interests. In PEI, bacon-wrapped mozzarella stick recipes were trending, and in Saskatchewan it was Coney Island fries (which scores a bonus point for chili, the feature topping of the snack). There’s a great insight to be found here: flavour preferences can shift from place to place. Would you benefit from regional formulations?

Major sporting events, like professional sports championships and international competitions, are peak times for chicken wing and snack consumption. But, how do you make your product stand out from a crowd this huge? Talk to the Flavour Experts at McCormick about creating your custom blend from our world-wide supply of spices and seasonings. When it comes to Custom Flavour Solutions, we are the champions.