Take A Bite Out of the Savoury Snacks Market

March 12th 2018

Take A Bite Out of the Savoury Snacks Market

The entire month of March is prime for focusing on snacks. From National Snack Day on the 4th, through March Break, St. Patrick’s Day, and then leading into Easter, this is a month full of snacking opportunity.

But, like a big bowl of party mix, the snack space is crowded with competitors, all vying for the consumer’s attention. How can our savoury snack expertise get your product out of the bag and into the bowl?

Snack food sales in this country exceeded $3.3B in 2017. A large portion of that is made up of snacks like potato chips, popcorn, and crackers. Non-traditional snacks, like wraps and nutrition bars, are also starting to fill in for meals for busy people.

There are more snacking occasions for today’s consumer than ever before - and the market is expanding to meet the demand. By the end of 2015, there were 91 snack food manufacturing facilities in Ontario alone. But, even in a thriving market, simply making a product isn’t enough to guarantee sales.

Offering innovation and a superior flavour experience can help drive sales of your savoury snack application. Consider how capitalizing on an emerging flavour trend might capture a new market, or set your product apart from your competitors. For example, East African cuisine is trending for 2018. Could you entice adventurous snackers with a berbere-spiced potato chip?

With our savoury snack skills, it’s possible to craft a superior snacking experience. By layering flavours, your end-user will enjoy the precise profile you intended, no matter if it’s a classic, or an entirely new custom flavour. We can also provide solutions for clean-label products, and wellness-focused snacks.

No matter your target, we’ll help you hit it. Contact us, and let’s talk snacks!