The Great Spice North

January 09th 2018

The Great Spice North

Half of Canadians want chefs to spice things up


It may seem ironic (don’t you think?) that a cold, northern country is now a hotbed for spicy food, but statistics don’t lie. A new report shows that 49% of Canadians are looking for some extra heat in their meals.*

What they don’t want, however, is spice just for the sake of being spicy. Consumers are demanding authentic, international blends that are big on flavour, and pack some heat as well.

From the emerging taste of Ethiopian berbere, to tried-and-true blends like peri-peri, a Custom Flavour Solution from McCormick can help you bring the heat your buyers are after. Contact our Flavour Experts to get your flavour fire started.

*Technomic 2017 Canadian Flavour Consumer Trend Report