The Science of Smell

January 09th 2018

The Science of Smell

Neurogastronomy: The Science of Smell

All of our senses come into play when we eat (yes, even hearing - a sizzling skillet can set a mouth to watering), so they all need consideration when creating a food product. Smell is especially important to the interpretation of taste. At McCormick, we’re creating “experiential eating” through the science of neurogastronomy.

By understanding how the brain reacts to sensory stimuli from food, we can craft an experience that evokes a strong emotional response and creates a connection with the product. For example, research shows the human brain remembers smells and links them to times, places, and emotions, much like with faces of people we meet. Come across that smell again, even years later, and you’re right back in that familiar place.

You can benefit from our expertise by working with us to create a memorable flavour (and aroma) for your application. Contact us today to learn what our team of Flavour Experts can do for you. You’ll find us, as always, at the intersection of science and emotion.