Whats Cooking on Canada Day

June 07th 2018

Whats Cooking on Canada Day

Gotta love when Canada Day falls on a weekend! Expect to see multitudes of Canadians celebrating our nation’s birthday with a barbecue or picnic. But what’s on the grill or in the basket?

Let’s take a look at the top summer flavours for Canada Day and beyond. Click the link for more!

Who doesn’t love a Canada Day cookout? Laughing with friends, watching the kids play, and the sights, smells, and sounds of barbecue teasing your senses. It’s the real kickoff for summer in Canada! (Sorry Victoria Day/National Patriots’ Day - you’re great, but sometimes you let us down with the weather.)

What’s cooking on Canada Day across the nation? According to one Canadian grocery chain, chicken tops the list for grilled meat on July 1st. That makes sense - it’s a crowd-pleaser, you don’t have to worry about how well-done everyone wants theirs, and you can season or sauce it up in a million different ways. From a simple barbecue baste, to zesty chimichurri sauce; Japanese furikake-seasoned grilled wings to Tanzanian-style mishkaki skewers. The flavour options are endless with chicken!

Steaks and ribs are also popular choices out west, though in the Maritimes lobster is the way to go. We can’t argue with any of those options! Pies, shortcakes, and slaws filled up the remaining space on our paper plates.

Of course, what’s a good grill party without a few beverages? Here are the top 5 drinks Canadians serve in the summer:

  • Beer - No surprise there - it comes in easy-to-chill individual containers, and there are lots of domestic brands and exciting flavours to choose from. Fruity beers are in right now - maybe a peachy pilsner could be your breakthrough brew!

  • Water - From straight H20 to functional, flavourful options, water is a top choice for Canadians all summer. It’s not enough to just rehydrate, though; your water has to perform! How about a pinch of turmeric or matcha for wellness - and colourful Instagrammability.

  • Pop - Pop sales are slumping overall, but it’s still one of the easiest non-alcoholic go-to beverages for keeping the thirsty crowd happy. Fruit and berry blends are breathing new life into veteran sodas, so why not try your own blend? It could be as simple as a blueberry cola, or as exotic as a dragon fruit soda.

  • Wine - Quality Canadian wines add a touch of class to any event. A riesling for refreshment, or a cabernet to pair with steak sounds delicious! Flavoured wines are big, too, but maybe a break from citrus and berries could uncork the market for you. We’re thinking mangosteen-infused gewurztraminer for a fruity experience with just a hint of a spicy bite.

  • Iced Tea - We were surprised to see this beat out juice, cocktails, and lemonade, but there’s no denying it’s good and refreshing. Plus there are plenty of flavours to choose from. Go all in with tropical mango and papaya flavours with a pinch of chili for some summer heat. Sp-iced Tea, anyone?

It’s safe to say we love our traditions in Canada, but that we’re open to new ideas and twists, too. While the grocer’s survey shows a preference for the familiar, we also know that 73% of Canadians enjoy experiencing a foreign culture through its food. (Sushi ranked high in BC for Canada Day recipes!)

Given the multicultural diversity we enjoy, it seems like international cuisine is as Canadian as can be! Talk to us about where on the flavour map you want to be. We’ll get you heading in the right direction.