2016 Flavour Forecast Grilling Edition

June 20th 2016

2016 Flavour Forecast Grilling Edition INTRODUCING FIVE “GRATE” TRENDS FOR THE GRILL
Masters of flame, rejoice! 
McCormick has just released our annual McCormick® Flavour Forecast® 2016: GRILLING EDITION.  This grilling-specific report reveals the flavours and techniques that will be firing up grills all season long — from bold Brazilian sauces to brazen burger rubs and elevated Japanese marinades.  

“The summer of 2016 will be all about incorporating smoky, spicy, tangy flavours in new ways we’ve never seen before,” said McCormick Executive Chef Kevan Vetter. “For instance, cabbage goes way beyond coleslaw – flavour thick-cut cabbage steaks with a smoky sweet marinade, grill then top with bacon and blue cheese for the ultimate grilled side.” 

The smokin’ trends from the Flavour Forecast 2016: GRILLING EDITION include:
• Bold Brazilian Sauces – With all eyes on Brazil this summer, it’s time to discover the country's range of vibrant signature sauces – from fruity to fiery – that jack up skewered meats.
TRY IT NOW: Red Chimichurri Sauce – This red hot version of the classic chimichurri sauce gets big flavour from cumin, smoked paprika and crushed red pepper --  the perfect finish for skewered meats flavoured with a Brazilian zesty, garlic-cilantro marinade.
• Brazen Burger Rubs - Take rubs beyond steaks and ribs. Over-the-top burgers get a knockout punch from flavourful spice rubs that create a caramelized outer layer. 
TRY IT NOW: Smoky Maple & Sage Breakfast Pork Burger – Rubbed with a blend of smoky, herb and pepper mixture, this ground pork burger is then sandwiched between two Belgian waffles drizzled with syrup and topped with melty cheddar, crispy bacon and a fried egg.
• Savoury “Steaks” - Prove your grill game with seasoned fruit and veggie “steaks.” Marinate them, grill and load with bacon, toasted coconut, cheese, nuts and more for surprising sides, shared apps and meatless mains.
TRY IT NOW: Grilled Cabbage Steaks with Bacon & Blue Cheese – Cabbage goes from bland to bold when seasoned with a Smouldering Smoked Applewood blend then “beefed” up with crispy, crumbled bacon and blue cheese.
• Heat + Tang + Smoke - Fresh chilies paired with tangy vinegars and mustards offer a daring flavour contrast when fired up with smoke. 
TRY IT NOW: Grilled Chicken Po Boy Sandwich with Spicy Mustard Sauce – A twist on the iconic sandwich, this grilled version combines grainy mustard, freshly squeezed orange juice and Spicy Pepper Medley for a mouth-watering sandwich that will get your taste buds tappin’.
• East Meets Grill - Create zesty Asian marinades and sauces on the fly with a simple equation: Sweet + Soy + Spice. Just swap spices for next-level Japanese, Malaysian, Thai or Korean flavours.
TRY IT NOW:  Spiced Teriyaki Shrimp with Spicy Citrus Yum Yum Sauce – Marinate shrimp in an amped up Spicy Montreal Steak Spice version for a twist on a classic teriyaki, then dunk in a creamy Yum Yum sauce for a grilled shrimp dish that’s the real deal. 

The McCormick® Flavour Forecast 2016: GRILLING EDITION reveals the latest trends and flavours sizzling on grills across North America this season. Since 2010, McCormick chefs, culinary professionals, trend trackers and food technologists have stoked backyard cooks’ creativity with new flavours, recipes and techniques. This special grilling edition builds on McCormick’s 16-year history of releasing its annual Flavour Forecast report, which identifies the top trends and ingredients shaping the future of flavour.

For mouthwatering recipes, images and inspiration, visit Flavour.ca/Campaigns/Grilling-Flavour-Forecast