Flavour Forecast 2019 - Planting the Seeds of Something New

February 06th 2019

Flavour Forecast 2019 - Planting the Seeds of Something New

For nearly 20 years, the food and beverage industry has eagerly anticipated the annual release of the McCormick Flavour Forecast. The leading predictor of flavour trends for consumers and food influencers, the report has accurately identified a slew of now viral ingredients, like chipotle, coconut, and turmeric.

Now, the Flavour Forecast itself is poised to go viral with an exciting new format! No longer a static annual report, it’s now a year-round, integrated platform bringing you a blend of inspiring pictures, exciting videos and podcasts, on-trend recipes, and dynamic social media conversations.

Since we’ve grown the Flavour Forecast into something new, it’s fitting that our first flavour trend for 2019 is seeds. As you’ll see, seeds will be everywhere in 2019; from basil seeds in breakfast puddings to lotus seeds in spicy snack mixes and more.

Flavour Forecast 2019 Launches with New Focus on Flavour, Insights, and Inspiration

After almost two decades of being the go-to source for the flavour trends that shape the food and beverage business, the McCormick Flavour Forecast is getting a new look and a dynamic new format.

What’s not changing is the spot-on identification of up-and-coming flavour and ingredient trends you need to know, and the culinary insights you can leverage to grow your business.

McCormick has teamed up with some of the hottest thought leaders in food, culture and innovation to help showcase new tastes and their own immersive experiences. Each leader will travel to destinations around the world to report on flavour discovery through their unique lenses, capturing imagery, video, and perspectives on the future of flavour.


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Throughout the year, Flavour Forecast will delve into key flavour topics that are expected to impact what consumers will eat in the future. ‘The Need For Seed’ is the first topic and will explore the flavour, attributes and uses of basil seeds, lotus seeds and black and white sesame seed.


Seeds were chosen as the debut ingredient because they are simple, real foods that offer plant-based protein and the perfect flavour exploration in global cuisines. Flavour influencers see seeds appearing on a range of foods, like Overnight Coconut Guava Basil Seed Pudding, Cajun Puffed Lotus Seed Snack Mix, and Gomasio, a Japanese black and white sesame seed seasoning blend. Seeds are food, fuel, and flavour, and they give texture, taste and wholesome goodness that makes both sweet and savoury dishes pop.

To learn more on ‘The Need For Seed’ and Flavour Forecast 2019, watch the launch video here or follow the @FlavorForecast feed on Instagram. The future of flavour has never been more exciting!