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We’re on a global (and enjoyable) quest for flavour.

McCormick is the company to turn to for flavour expertise. The world relies on McCormick for high-quality products that make a difference in the way people create and experience food. Read more about how our passion for flavour has been the foundation of our success throughout the Company's rich 127 year-old history.

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McCormick Canada is the largest spice, seasoning, dry sauce & seasoning mixes, specialty foods, and flavours business in the country. We have been a part of people’s lives for almost as long as Canada has been a nation. Our products can be found throughout the food industry, from retail outlets, to food manufacturers, and even in the food service businesses.

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Our Family of Brands

  • Club House Logo

    Club House

    Since its beginning in 1883, Club House has been a taste tradition. Join us as we travel back in time to discover how Club House became Canada's leading brand of herbs, spices and a variety of other flavourful products.

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  • Club House LaGrille Logo

    Club House LaGrille

    The creators of the original Montreal Steak Spice are ready to help you bring out the best in your BBQ. With our wide variety of seasonings, marinades, and BBQ Sauces at your side, you’ll be able to deliver big, bold flavour every time.

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  • Billy Bee Logo

    Billy Bee

    Billy Bee is Canada’s leading brand of honey. Fresh from the hive, Billy Bee honey is packaged without losing its delicate flavour, sweet aroma, and natural goodness. Billy Bee honey is 100% pure and natural and is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

    Billy Bee honey is a healthy way to add sweetness to many foods and beverages and is available in a wide variety of formats.

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  • McCormick Gourmet Logo

    McCormick Gourmet

    We travel the globe in search of only the very best ingredients to help bring a world of flavour to your table. Whether you’re using our herbs or spices, our premium lineup is eager to make all of your recipes shine.

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  • Cake Mate Logo

    Cake Mate

    When it comes to making tasty treats everyone can enjoy, there’s no limit to what you can imagine. Give your sweet creations the kiss of creativity they deserve with our icings, sprinkles, and more.

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  • Asia Logo


    Following long-kept traditional recipes, our products are inspired by time-honoured traditional Asian culinary methods which capture each Asian region’s distinct character and flavour.

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  • Thai Logo


    Our passion is real Thai food that doesn’t compromise quality for convenience. That’s why we offer an extensive menu of Thai dishes and ingredients that are second to none in flavour.

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McCormick Science Institute Logo


Learn about the exciting work the McCormick Science Institute and the scientific community are doing to further our understanding of the potential health benefits of culinary spices and herbs.

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Food Safety Logo


Food safety is our primary concern. McCormick has strict guidelines and rigorous procedures in place to ensure that all products meet or exceed today's stringent quality and safety standards.

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Global Sourcing Logo


Beginning thousands of years ago, the spice trade has shaped world history and economies. With this legacy in mind, McCormick engages in practices that protect the Earth and the livelihood of source countries while producing the highest-quality products.

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Sustainability Logo


McCormick has a long history of sustainability. By respecting the land, relationships with suppliers and producers, our employees and our communities, we are able to bring the world delicious flavours while contributing to the greater good.

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The Taste You Trust

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McCormick Garlic Flavours

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